Show dates and term dates

ALL CHILDREN ARE IN BOTH CAST ONE AND CAST TWO. Some children have different characters but all children are performing in both casts.

We are going to be running two casts and two shows on the 16th. ALL children will be in both casts, however, some children will only have lines in one of the casts but still taking part in scenes, dances and songs in all.

I booked Festival Hall a year in advance for our next show and i didn’t imagine our numbers would have grown so much in that time. I want to limit the number of chairs we have out in the hall so that people are not sat right back near the bar, especially as it isn’t teared seating. Therefore, there will be a limit on seats for each performance but only so you can see and enjoy the show more. I think its fair to say we have outgrown our shows at Festival Hall and next year I will be booking an alternative venue.

The timings for Saturday the 16th December are as follows:

10am drop off/ dress rehearsal until 12pm. The children stay with us and will need a packed lunch. Our first show will start at 1pm until 2.15pm. Please note the bar will not be available during this performance.

Once our first show has taken place, you will need to take the children home and be back at Festival Hall for 5.30pm. The final show will start at 6.00pm and we will be finished for 7.15pm.

The children are in both casts, so all the children will take part in both performances.

Rehearsal Material

Cast List

This cast list may change due to attendance.

Matilda Script

The script may change as we add in more lines for different children.

Rehearsal Videos are below

Dance One Miracle

Dance Two Naughty

Dance Three School Song

Extra rehearsal dates

10th December ALL CAST 5.00pm until 6.30pm Festival Hall


Tickets are now available to book. We have limited ticket numbers to 4 tickets in total. That includes BOTH performances, so for example 2 tickets for the afternoon performance and 2 for the evening. If you would like more tickets, we will do our best to accommodate. Just make a note on the booking form below and we will be in touch. Just a reminder all children are in both casts. It maybe they only have lines in one but they are in both performances and are needed as all the spacings for dances and scenes have been sorted for everyone attending both performances.


Cast one performance starting at 1pm. Please bring a packed lunch for the children on the 16th December.


Cast two performance starting at 6pm. Please can all children arrive back at 5.20pm for the warmup and sorting costumes. We will start letting parents in from 5.40pm ready to start at 6pm.


I have said in a previous email that we have outgrown Festival Hall for our performances. We are now currently contacting venues to book for next years show. Hopefully we won’t be limiting tickets next year 🙂

Sub Payment

As mentioned on previous emails the sub payment for our show is £20 is now due. The Echo bank details have been sent out on previous emails. Please contact us if you haven’t received them.