Lockdown Lessons

Following the Prime Ministers Announcement on the 31st October for a new lockdown in England, this means that Echo’s face to face classes will be taking a break.

We have put together a timetable of online lessons that will be starting from the 5th November. We are going to make sure that our online lessons are interactive, fun, develop skills, are challenging and also SOCIAL. We believe this is very important for children and adults alike. Our online classes will start on Thursday 5th November and take place via zoom..

See our timetable below for classes for the next 4 week’s.

MondayDance Fit 8.00pm
TuesdayEcho Seniors 11.00am
WednesdayBaby Grooves 10.00am
ThursdayPre-schoolers 10.00am
SaturdayPre-schoolers 10.00am
Main Academy 10.45am

We believe it is really important for you and your children to keep a routine going and also still experience the social side of our lessons.

Dance Fit!

Our dance fit classes DO NOT require any dance experience. This class is a 40 minute upbeat and fun dance workout to songs that will uplift, inspire and rejuvenate! We will be using music from different era’s and the 80’s/ 90’s will definitely be making an appearance. The class is £3.00 for the 40 minutes. Use the link below to pay for the 4 week block (£12 for the 4 weeks). If this class is a success, we will look to set up a face to face class in the future.

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Baby Grooves and Pre-schoolers

Our Classes are going to be interactive, engaging and fun. We will have dancing and tasks that challenge movement memory and coordination skills through creative play.

In order for your child to get the full benefits and experience of this class it will require a box of goodies! This box will be sent out with Echo equipment that will be collected back in after our 4 week online lessons. At the end of the lessons the children will receive a reward for their participation. This will be a certificate and treats.

The sessions will be 30 minutes but the box of equipment can be accessed at any time and we will suggests some extra tasks to try and complete throughout the week.

The class will cost £3.00 for the 30 minutes slot. This will be £12 for the 4 week block.

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Main Stage

Our Saturday class has had 7 weeks of dance and drama. We are really going to miss seeing our students in the flesh over the next 4 weeks, so we do hope you can still join us.

We are going to continue with our theme of Madagascar providing extra drama and dance tasks. We are going to keep this social as well as learning lines and new routines. We will also recap what we have learnt so far this term so we can work towards our performance (in some form) in December. The class will run from 10.45am until 11.30am. The cost will be £3.00 for each lesson, £12.00 for the 4 weeks. Book on here!

We want to still keep our classes interactive and still give the social experience of our face to face lessons. I know with my own children that online lessons were tricky! My aim is to keep it enjoyable and give the children (and adults!) something to look forward to each week. Once you have signed your child up, we will be in touch and with recourses.

Lisa Campbell- Principal of Echo Performing Arts Academy

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