Holiday Clubs

Echo offer holiday clubs for your child to come and enjoy the arts. We believe that learning to work with others, team building, learning new skills are vital to allowing your child to flourish and develop in confidence.

Our workshops include dance, drama and music lessons, working towards a short performance. This could be based on a theme or a showcase of your child and their friends efforts over the days they have spent with us.

October Half Term

Our Play in a Day is BACK! This October half term we have 2 dates to accommodate the different school breaks within the local areas.

Our Play in a Day will include workshops for both dance and drama. Throughout the day the children will take part in different activities to help develop techniques and performance skills.

Our end performance will be filmed and put on our YouTube page for the whole family to enjoy.

The workshops will be held at Festival Hall, Alderley Edge. There are 2 dates on offer, the 21st October and the 29th October. The workshops are for ages 5 to 12 and the day will start at 9.00am until 3.15pm.

The October half term workshop is now full. We will keep you posted on further events happening soon. 


Summer Holiday Workshop

Our Summer workshop was a huge success. We wanted to give the students an opportunity they may of never had before or may never have again. We created a performance in one day, filmed it on day two and then presented their work to parents in a Cinema. The children enjoyed watching themselves back on the big screen.

The story behind the film was looking at how theatres were buzzing and full of life, to then having to close. The children looked at breaking news of our country going in to lock down and what the families did during this time. It then continued to show that with this new normal things can continue as they were and the arts can still bring people together.

Our Play in a Day

Take a look at our February workshop where we had 50 children taking part. The day was a great success, we hope you enjoy our short snippet below.

The times and dates will vary so please keep up to date via our website and also on all our social media platforms.