Echo Stars

Echo stars is a class for children aged 4-5 and will focus on developing coordination, movement memory and acting skills in a more focused class.

This class will be a transition class to prepare the children for the Main Academy classes which are for the older children aged 5-11. This doesn’t mean you have to attend the Main Academy classes, its just a stepping stone in preparing the children for the next stage.

Within the classes the children will learn dance routines that will introduce the children to different dance styles. They will experience a mix of different songs. They will also start to learn the basics of drama activities through the use of books, films and scenarios.

Our aim is to work towards shows and performances, all focusing on building the children’s confidence and becoming familiar with performing. We ask that parents do not stay in the same room whilst the class is taking place. This is something that is also different from our Preschool Classes and preparing the children for the Main Academy group.