Echo Fest!

The classes are aimed at children age 5- 12 and are on the 25th, 26th and 27th July 2022. Each day runs from 9.30am until 3.00pm. The classes will be based at Alderley Edge School for Girls. You can find out more about each day below. The price for each day is £25.00, sibling discount is available.

As part of this years event the children will be filmed to create a short drama scene and a music video. If you select no photo consent, this will only be for use on social media. Your child will be filmed and a full version of the video will be sent out via an unlisted link on YouTube. Parents will be asked not to share the video on social media. If you do not want your children to be on the filmed please do tell us after booking on.

Please note the last day to sign up for the FREE white T-shirt for day one is the 14th July. If you sign up after this, you will need to bring a white T-shirt in for your child to decorate on the Monday.

You can make the booking here!

Monday 25th July:

Break Dance Workshop– After the success of last year the break dance coach is back to do a workshop with each age group. All children will be expected to take part in this workshop.

Dance Workshop– Street Dance workshop that will link to the filming of a music video on day 2.

Drama workshop– This workshop will explore creating different characters. Each group will have a different scene to focus on using the theme of acting for screen. Everything the children will do on this day will then be filmed the following day.

Tech Team– For those children who may not want to act or learn more about the filming side of the course they will be able to be our tech team. Helping with the running of the filming day. The children will still be able to take part in the drama workshops but not the devising. Please note, this has limited spaces available for the tech team. Please confirm when booking.

T-Shirt Design– The children will create their own T-Shirts. All the children will be asked to wear these on day two ready for the filming day. The children can keep the T-shirts after the workshop. If you sign your child up after the 14th July you will need to provide a white T-shirt they can decorate

Tik Tok Workshops

Circus activities and dance equipment for break times.

Tuesday 26th July:

Dance Workshop– Linking to previous day’s workshop

Drama Workshop– Linking to previous day’s workshop

Drama for Screen– Filming

Music Video– Filming

Filming– The children will take part in filming their scenes they have created over the past two days. They will also film a music video from the dances they have learnt. The children are asked to wear their Tie Dye t-shirts from the previous day.

Finishing the afternoon with the children performing to each other in our own version of BGT. The children will get chance to create an act. They can choice a comedy, dance or singing. The winner will win an Echo Hoodie.

Wednesday 27th July

The theme for this day is The Greatest Showman The aim is to create a short play in a day. We will use sections of the film to create our drama scenes.

The children will learn dances to a selection of songs from The Greatest Showman. The workshop will also include, presenting skills, Acro workshop, Choreography tasks and crafts.

On the final day (Wednesday) We will finish by performing to parents at the end of the day. The performance will only include work from the Wednesday. Our performance will start at 3.00pm and should last no more than 15 minutes.